Built in Grace:
Learning to Do Better Together

Post-placement care because you shouldn’t have to face adoption’s unique challenges alone. 

Adoption is a Life-long Journey

Adoptive families are often left to figure things out for themselves, scouring the internet for information, abandoned by the placing agency and feeling bewildered and alone. It shouldn’t be this way. That’s why we’re proud to be the first consultants to offer adoptive families ongoing post placement care.

The right knowledge, guidance and support can make it so much easier to navigate life’s challenges in a healthy way. Our post-placement care program provides you with a community of parents who understand what your family is facing, as well as what you need to do to continue to help your child grow and thrive. 

We're Here to Help You

Weather the shifting and evolving birth parent relationship

Gain insight into birth mom grief and behavior

Learn how to set healthy boundaries

Find a community and support network

Understand adoptee trauma and how it can affect emotions, behavior, and their relationships

Support your adoptee in understanding their story and having a healthy identity

Supporting your transracial adoptee to build a strong cultural identity

Advocating for your transracial adoptee through cultural bias and microaggressions

Post-Placement Care Options

Monthly Care Group

Monthly care groups facilitated by an experienced social worker and adoption consultant on a private Zoom call on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Previous topics covered include:
  • loving boundaries in an open adoption relationship
  • understanding birth mom grief and how to respond
  • helping your children understand different 
  • levels of openness when you have multiple adoptions
  • answering adoptee questions and supporting them in closed adoptions
  • maintaining cultural connections

$15/month or $150/year

Pay for the year and get 2 months for free
PLUS add a one year subscription to AiA for live classes plus an entire training library for only $100 (more than $2,000 savings)

*Must sign up at least 24 hours prior to the monthly call


Monthly workshops to provide adoptive families with quality Triad-centered information and education. Open to any family who has adopted.

Next Workshop: Making Connections
Honoring your child’s constellation connections in your home and in their story
When: June 8 at 7:00-8:30 EST
Cost: $60 per couple

One-on-One Calls

Have specific questions or need help with a sensitive topic? Book one-on-one sessions with Cradled in Grace founder and adoptive mom of 3, Kim Smith.

$110 for a one hour session, or a bundles of 3 sessions for $300

Meet the Facilitator

The group will be facilitated by Kim Smith, founder and Director of CIG. Kim has more than 15 years of prior experience as a professional social worker, leading educational and support groups, as well as 7 years of experience supporting Cradled in Grace clients. 

Kim is also a mom the three children who came to her family through domestic infant adoption, with the oldest child now being 11 years old. Kim and her family have walked through 3 open adoption relationships as they have shifted and changed over the years. 

She is parenting two transracial adoptees of two separate ethnicities. Kim has also seen the effects of adoptee trauma first hand, as she’s supported her sons through their own journey as adoptees.

Previous Post-Placement Care Classes Include:

Transracial Adoption with Hannah Matthews

Adoptee Identity & Trauma with Claire and Andrea

Racial Microaggressions With Amanda Justice of @Blackgirlwhitefamily

Navigating Open Adoption with Ashley Mitchell

We're here for you

Join the community that understands your family’s unique challenges.