More Than Just A Matching Service

Cradled in Grace provides comprehensive education, guidance, and support throughout the entire adoption process. 

Our Mission

A healthy adoption triad relationship can be a beautiful thing, but it is also complicated and multi-layered, born out of brokenness. 

Our desire is to fully prepare adoptive families to walk alongside an expectant mom, who is often facing difficult circumstances, as she considers an adoption plan for her child. Should she choose adoption, that family will continue to receive support, education, and guidance as they navigate this difficult process with her. 

Through our community of partners and our personalized consulting services, we empower families to understand the complexities involved in both adopting and raising the child while maintaining a birth family relationship.

We are so thankful God allowed this team to guide us through our adoption process!

“The personal guidance and support provided by Cradled in Grace helped us to realistically manage our expectations throughout the adoption process.

Their faith based approach and the patience they exhibited helped us through each step of our adoption. As an African American family seeking to adopt, we felt very comfortable discussing cultural issues that are often obstacles in adoption. We are so thankful God allowed this team to guide us through our adoption process!”

~ Aletta in Alabama

Why Choose Us

If so, we will help you learn how to support a transracial adoptee well. Our services include a 2-hour interactive webinar with an adult transracial adoptee.

Learn how to love her well while still setting healthy boundaries. Understand how maintain a healthy relationship, but not co-parent.

Our services include one-on-one calls with a birth mom experienced in providing education and support to adoptive families. We also include 10 hours of open adoption education, plus access to live webinars by Big Tough Girl.

Understand the importance of grieving infertility to be fully able to embrace the birth family relationship. Answer questions like, “How do I celebrate the joy of my adoption while watching his/her birth mom grieve?”

Our services include optional virtual counseling from a licensed therapist who is experienced in adoption and infertility.

Create a profile book that brings your family to life on paper and fosters a true connection for the expectant mom. Learn appropriate adoption language and what expects moms really want to know. Ensure each mom who views your profile gets a clear picture of who you are and create a book that is genuine and inviting.

Our services include a professionally designed profile, review by a birth mom and one-on-one guidance from your consultant.

Ensure the agency provides an ethical adoption and minimize risk to you. Learn what questions to ask. Be ready to advocate for an expectant mom be sure she’s well cared for and never coerced. Gain the tools to better avoid scams and unethical situations.

Cradled in Grace provides one of the most comprehensive lists of available grants and other funding sources

We will brainstorm with you to come up with a fundraising plan that fun, exciting and is unique to your family.

Choosing which case situations to present your profile to is hard! There’s a dichotomy in adoption; often it seems there’s so much to take in and understand in terms of medical social history, and yet, it can feel as if you’re making a lifelong commitment based on almost no information.

We will be there to support you as you make these decisions. We will help you identify any red flags, assess risk and understand the costs involved.

We’re here to educate on common medical/social case scenarios, such as drug exposure, the open adoption relationship and maternal mental health issues, so that you have the information you need to decide if the case is right for you.

Cradled in Grace is committed to ensuring our clients have access to quality education. In addition to our required education, we are proud to partner with Activism in Adoption to give clients access to additional educational resources.

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Cradled in Grace takes education to the next level

“We entered the process thinking we had a strong foundation, but Cradled in Grace takes adoption education to the next-level. They challenged us to dismantle any preconceived ideas and equipped us to rebuild while embracing the complexity. There are so many voices out there speaking on adoption, and Cradled in Grace guided us in knowing how to filter through it all. They provided us with high-quality, easily-accessible tools and top-notch professionals who educated us in ways we had not found on our own. We are better advocates and stronger parents for our adopted child and her first family because of the education we received through Cradled in Grace.”

~ Glynn in Texas

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No Hidden Fees

We want to be completely up front with our fees. All of the support and education services listed on our website are included in your contract fee.

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